What is 3rd State?

To the tech world, it is the state at which all power is disconnected after completion. To us, its just a great place to get away from the rat race. And in what better town than in the city of Hudson?

We fell in love with Hudson before we bought our farm in Durham (across the river in Greene County). It was always a treat to escape the rigors of hard labor and have a nice meal in a small city where everyone seemed so nice. Despite having an incredible place (that needs TONS of work before it is even remotely capable of hosting), we still longed for a place in Hudson. When the opportunity presented itself, we knew the universe was looking out for that star we wished upon.

Yes. the farm was built in 1755. And yes, 3rd State was built in 1864. We are gluttons for punishment. We know this. BUT our work is your pleasure. We presently have three apartments ready for your family getaway, and four private rooms for a night or two.  “Ohhhh . . . you’re a hotel,” you’re thinking. Well, sorta. We’re not a hotel, because we don’t have many single rooms. And we’re not a B&B because we don’t serve food. We are more of a G&G (go and get it). Technically, we are a rooming house or “guest house”.

When fully renovated, 3rd State will be able to host with 3 fully functional apartments,  4 single bedrooms, and a commercial space (restaurant, bar, or shop to be determined by whomever rents it). In total there are 13 beds (15 if you count the two meant for kids in the Star Wars suite); perfect for the wedding party, the church group, a family reunion, a seminar, school lodging, or just when you need a place to stay in Hudson as a single, a couple, a group of friends, a family, or an extended family.  And because we aren’t operating with a big city, antiquing mindset, our prices are extremely affordable.



minor exterior renovations begin June 6 (commercial space entrance opens, new steps to the house, minor paint job),

major exterior renovations begin Sept 6 (removal of vinyl siding, new windows, renovated roof, rebuild of porch in front, new porch in back). No renovations will occur from Friday 4pm until Monday 8 am, including holidays.

Please contact us for availability: info@3rdstatehudson.com -or call- 917-514-8179