Temporarily Closed

Unfortunately 3rd State Hudson will be closed for a while due to a fire that broke out on the night of Jan 6, 2018.

Here are some articles you can read from the local paper,  Register Star:




The help of all the volunteer fire departments, neighbors, and public assistance organizations is appreciated beyond words. According to local officials, one fire fighter broken his arm falling down the treacherous, ice-covered steps in the main hallway fighting the blaze, another slipped on ice outside the house in windchill factors of -18 degree Fahrenheit or more, and another was injured from falling debris inside the house. So many stations risked their lives to brave the weather and the blaze.

We are still pulling all the pieces together, and doing our best to help the previous tenants that were staying with us. Red Cross, Salvation Army,  and Catholic Charities have all contributed to the cause, and Community Cares is looking for lodging for one tenant, and trying to assist the others as well.

Without community, we are nothing but lost ships at sea, and as a fleet we can tackle anything. THANK YOU for being there in their time of need.

For the past tenants and guests, for the nosey and curious, and for posterity’s sake, here are some interior photos of the damage.