At 3rd State Hudson, we couldn’t be happier!

As of Thursday evening, March 10, 2016, 3rd State Hudson was officially approved by the City of Hudson’s Planning Board to be a transient rooming house. To the everyday person this probably doesn’t mean much. But legally, it means the world to us!

Part of 3rd State’s plan for the future is to be a part of a thriving business and social community. It’s why we decided in the first place to plant our roots in Hudson. And now that we are an official part of the structure of the community, we can begin operations to make that community stronger.

5With the acceptance of the board, motions are already underway to begin the exterior renovations of the building, and to add a second bathroom to the 3rd floor. It is our dream and passion to bring life and pride to the northern part of Hudson, which has been neglected for years in the shadow of the nearly fully renovated southern homes and businesses in the city. Since before purchasing the property, we have always seen the diamond that 3rd street could be, and, our hope in the upcoming months, will be to expose the diamond we see to the rest of the community. Imagine for a second, driving into Hudson and, all the way from Allan St., seeing a grand building in the distance with a proper, slate tiled mansard roof, historically painted with proper trim and a balanced, proportioned porch with . . .

. . . a commercial space right on the corner of 3rd and State, ready to be occupied by the next dream . . . whatever that may be, by whomever would want to advance THEIR dream of being a part of Hudson, NY.

Once we solidify our contractors, we will expose proper imagery of the future of 3rd State Hudson!

74507_MediumAgain, we are very excited and thankful to the planning board for approving our dream, the interest in the building by the community of Hudson, and all of our neighbors for supporting what we deem will be a HUGE game changer for the area.

for more information about the public hearing, click HERE

for more information on the history of the house, click HERE

and for any interest in staying with us, email us at