When Clay stayed with us, we had no idea what a great friend had been bestowed to 3rdState.

He booked through airbnb, and then asked if he could stay longer as he worked on some paintings. Next thing we knew, he was off to Spain for a gallery project, and we had been blessed with his traveling catalog of work. When he returned, he asked if we could continue to show and sell his work as he had even more gallery and work trips ahead of him.

We can’t express how super awesome this artist is, not only as person, but as a great artist. Very much in the vein of Jackson Pollock and mandala work, Wallis lets the paint lead the way energized by a meditative spirit. You can see it in more works than others, but he painstakingly uses tubes of paint as his paintbrushes. Hours upon hours upon hours go into each work. And when you see them in person, one¬†understands.

We hope you enjoy them in our halls and rooms. And if you have ANY questions, just reach out to Kiley (917-514-8179).

Clayb Bio July 2016



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Last Modified: August 17, 2016