The Blue Room

Located on the 3rd floor, The Blue Room holds a spacious area for a queen bed, dining table, and coffee station. Spartan by design, the space allows for plenty of room for yoga, luggage, shopping bags, and anything one can dream of that would normally make a small, expensive hotel room seem inadequate. The historical “blue” in conjunction with the mansard roof, angled walls add an elegance one just can’t find in a hotel. And if you find if anything like this in Hudson, its loaded full of antiques, and/or costs 3 times as much (at the very minimum). Not unlike other rooms on our 3rd floor, The Blue Room is meant to be a basic place to hang your jacket and hat for the night while enjoying the incredible town of Hudson.

































Rates: $75/weeknight,  $80/night Weekends/Holidays,  (2 night minimum if your reservation includes a Holiday,  Friday or Saturday)

please contact us for booking: 917-514-8179 or email:

Long term pricing is available upon request


major exterior renovations have begun (removal of vinyl siding, new windows, renovated roof, rebuild of porch in front, new porch in back). No work happens if its below 45 degrees, before 10 am, after 5pm, or on weekends/holidays.



Shared bathroom has a vintage sink and mini clawfoot tub with a shower installed.

Shared bathroom has a vintage sink and mini clawfoot tub with a shower installed.








Here’s the listing on Airbnb:

The Blue Room – Hudson on a budget! in Hudson

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